Installations and Projects


Liquid Sky Landing Strip

2015 Installation 30 ft X 10Ft X 8ft Egg palates/ broom sticks/ PVC pipe/ LED spotlights/ Custom sound system

Interactive light and sound installation in the mountains upstate NY in collaboration with Kino


Wall E Reboot Camp

2015 installation 9ft X 6ft X 6ft - In collaboration with Kino we created a space in which people could charge their phones during the day in exchange for a story. Recording their story we played them at night that triggered sound and light projections based off their narratives.

Solar panels / Electrical chargers and poster/ Community involved in charging their phones with off grid solar power


It all started when…


Cinema Dans L’Herbe

2014 Installation 50ft X 10ft X 10ft

In collaboration with Kino using solar panels to capture solar rays during the day as fuel to project images during the night. Photo credit to KINO

Off grid solar power video projection : Found Layer mesh screen, airplane cables, metal pipe frame

Raquel Du Toit_Rave-Monolith_2014_Jeremy Schaller.jpg

Rave Monolith

2014 Hanging Light Installation 9ft x 5ft

Dual programmable LED spot lights and 32 reclaimed egg palettes, zip ties in collaboration with Kino