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FINDING TACOMA - Solo Show Bea Geller 

March 7, 2018, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Pacific Lutheran University: University Gallery in Ingram Hall , 12180 Park Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98447, USA

Phone: 253-535-7411

 Location: University Gallery

FINDING TACOMA THE CHANGING FACES OF THE NORTHWEST ENVIRONMENT March 8th - April 4th Opening reception: March 7th, 5pm to 7pm University Gallery/Ingram Hall Gallery hours: 8am to 4pm Monday - Friday or by appointment The University Gallery features the latest photography of PLU Professor Bea Geller co curated by Raquel Du Toit and Jeremy Schaller, drawn from work completed during her recent sabbatical. 





A Luxury Blight production

Co founders Raquel Du Toit + Jeremy Schaller

Saturday July 8th

hosted by Spread Art on Mt Elliot

Starting at 8pm 7824 Mt Elliott, Detroit Mi 48211

*RSVP Beamers / Projectors / GIFS

Projections video and GIFs should be flexible and capable of reacting to each others placement, remember move things around, create a dynamic collaborative experience, have fun. There will be many different kinds of BYOB’s including wearables and performance. 

Artist Performing : Vaira Low (Finland) / Raquel Du Toit (Mexico) / Adelaide Iris (Spain)/ Kino (NYC) / Thomas Bell (Detroit)


"BYOB is a celebration of the new world we live in and a glimpse of what computing could look like in the future. Today the internet is confined to screens. Tomorrow information will surround us, composing our surfaces, defining our spaces, enmeshing itself with the ether. A moving image is never an object, and when it is coupled with the increased flexibility of portable projection, the realm of experience quickly expands."

BYOB is a project by Rafaël Rozendaal

Strictly Accessories

a Luxury Blight Production

Raquel Du Toit and Jeremy Schaller

August 28th 2016 7-10pm

DfbrL8r Gallery

1463 W Chicago Ave

Chicago IL 60642

DfbrL8r presents a curated evening accessorized with performance art featuring artists from NYC and CHICAGO. $10 (Suggested Donation).

NYC: Yolteotli / vv/ld torłs

Chicago: Edra Soto / A.Vannicola / Isabelle McGuire


Strictly Accessories is something that is added to the night, something that is needed for the party to happen, but not as straight forward as a dress or a tux. It’s the subtlety of the plus one. Artist as add-on performers of diverse towns/media/material meeting in clique. Performers will merge sexy, kinky, fun, accessories to the night. Being an accessory for the night does not preclude traveling to places our imagination might allow. Electronics, flash and drone power group incantations, accompany bodily performance, elicit vocal cries. The play continues wherever the night may lead, not players in the performance but accessories to the night. All you kinky creatures please come out.

This event is both queer and kink friendly.


Link to event on DfbrL8r

Curatorial Project Done in Collaboration with Jeremy Schaller #Luxuryblight

The show is an assemblage of Mexican artists based in Mexico City that are connected via the digital commons working to embed Chafa strategies in the serious conceptual field. Utilizing digital tools, performance and new media they bring the Chafa experience to the art world and media industry. Grappling with the same impositions of global trade, consumer goods and culture, Chafa gives emerging economies voice on the global market.


Esta exhibición es presentada por un grupo de artistas mexicanos radicados en DF. Ellos se han conectado por medio de la red digital para trabajar introduciendo estratégicamente este concepto y experiencia cultural de Chafa a un campo conceptual serio. Utilizando herramientas digitales, actuaciones artísticas, materiales plásticas y medios nuevos de comunicación para presentar la experiencia de Chafa en el mundo del arte y en el medio industrial. Lidiando con las mismas imposiciones del comercio global sobre los productos, cultura y mercado, Chafa le da voz a las economías emergentes del mercado mundial del consumo.


June 3, 2016 to June 15, 2016




229 Central Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11221



Meeting the Mexico City Scene


Chafa is product, the fix not up to code. You scroll past the ads on the timeline for Chafa. Chafa is off the shelf, then hung up neatly pressed. Chafa is novelty past its expiration date in a brand new package, the knockoff, reclaiming locality (Irak Morales). Chafa is detritus found and preserved after a spring rain, reading the Bario like tea leaves (Juan Bollás). Chafa is a wall with a view (Tamara Ibarra). Chafa is Sonideros covered in paint (Israel De La Paz). Chafa is luxury, prim, proper and past its prime (Maria Jose Sesma). Chafa is pencilled in existence (Dayn Gaio) and stuck on laughter (Juan Bollás). Chafa is faith in the profane (Santisima Kitch). Chafa is playfully disintegrating (OM). Chafa is open ended, waiting to transform (Sofia Garfias). Chafa will be right back to take your order. Chafa is Technicolor clean (Raquel Du Toit). Chafa is repeatedly heroic (Hugo Llanes). Chafa is blind fury love. Chafa is the network, buffering. Chafa is real people, toys. Chafa is Mexico City contemporary.




Chafa es producto, el mantenimiento que no hasta a código. Se extiende más allá de los anuncios commercial que encuentras en tu línea de tiempo social para Chafa. Chafa esta comprado de la repisa, que se exhibe nuevamente recién planchado y colgado. Chafa es la novedad más allá de su fecha de caducidad que se re empaqueta con su nuevo “look” para reclamar nuevamente su lugar (Irak Morales). Chafa es desechado, deteriorado por la lluvia primaveral que nos permite leer, como las hojas del té, la vida del barrio (Juan Bollás). Chafa es una pared con vistas (Tamara Ibarra). Chafa son Sonideros con una pasada de pintura (Israel De La Paz). Chafa es de lujo, formal, correcto y pasado de moda (María José Sesma). Chafa es un bosquejo de lo real (Dayn Gaio) y plasmado con risa (Juan Bollás). Chafa es la fe en lo profano (Santisima Kitch). Chafa esta juguetonamente desintegrándose (OM). Chafa tiene un final abierto, a la espera de ser transformado (Sofía Garfias). Chafa es tener que esperar “porque ahorita vengo a tomarles la orden”. Chafa es Technicolor limpia (Raquel Du Toit). Chafa es varias veces heroica (Hugo Llanes). Chafa es amor ciego y con furia. Chafa es usando la red con búfer. Chafa es gente real, juguetes. Chafa es lo Contemporáneo del DF.



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